Android Studio

In The Cloud

Moreficent lets you run IDEs like Android Studio , IntelliJ Idea and Pycharm in the cloud and access them through your browser.

10x Better Development

Develop on powerful cloud infrastructure while maintaining the ease of using your laptop.

No Lag

IDEs on Moreficent are as fast and responsive as the ones on your laptop.

More Hardware

IDEs run on 8 Cores and 16 GB RAM. Through Demand Pooling, we use 10x less hardware.

Better Collaboration

Work with your colleagues without friction and without lag.

Cheaper Hardware

Moreficent supports ARM V8 chips. This can reduce your cloud costs by upto 50%.

Connect Real Devices

Moreficent CLI lets you connect your phone(s) to your cloud IDE.

Loved by students and professionals

Moreficent is fast, ergonomic, and stable, and feature requests are directly handled by the Founder.

    • We've been using Moreficent to allow our Android interns to run Android Studio on our on-premises server. Moreficent allows them to use Android Studio with faster builds and a smoother experience, which they could not achieve on their own devices. We had some security concerns regarding hosting our proprietary source code on a 3rd party cloud, but Moreficent addressed that concern by letting us run it on our own hardware. From both a productivity and an InfoSec perspective, this is an upgrade.

      Saurabh Tomar
      Engineering Lead @ BobbleAI
    • As an android developer Moreficent is very helpful for me. As my laptop is a little bit old and it is very difficult to run studio emulators and chrome tabs at the same time. Moreficent fixes everything. Also I can resume my work at any time from any system, just need to login to Moreficent

      Dyenal Dinesh
      Mobile App Developer, CCS Technologies
    • Masai School has a wide spectrum of students from various economic backgrounds. Oftentimes, these students can't afford the high spec laptops necessary to learn effectively. Moreficent helps our students overcome these barriers, by providing IDEs on the cloud. Students are more productive with the increased hardware and happier as a result too!

      Lloyd D’Costa
      Lead Android Instructor, Masai School
    • Being an Android Developer, I found Moreficent as the best Platform to use Android Studio virtually - saving my laptop from heat. The prime benefit of using Moreficent is that you save a lot of time, loading is minimized. One can use more than one AVDs at the same time and access to older versions of Android Studio on Moreficent. When you use Moreficent, you never need to worry about the system requirements. Moreficent is boon to all budding Android Developers.

      Ishika Punachariya
      Student, Maharajan Surajmal Institute of Technology
    • For GDG New Delhi, I led an in-person Codelab in Android Study Jams at OLX Gurugram Office. The initial setup and environment-related issue for any codelab is one of the most painful and time-consuming steps. Indeed, all 30+ attendees bypassed all of these issues with a simple Google sign-in. The Moreficent team provided us with a ready-to-use Android Studio in a virtual environment, complete with a base application code and git integration. They not only provided a stable environment, but they were also actively available for setup and support throughout the session.

      Angad Singh
      SDE 2, OLX
    • We conducted a Compose Camp at our college, DY Patil College of Engineering for over 250 participants and partnered with Moreficent for the same. What made the platform useful was that there was no setup required by any of the students, they could simply login and start coding. Generally, teaching newcomers how to set up Android Studio for the first time can be a long task. The sessions were also a lot smoother since Android Studio on Moreficent was running better than on my local device, along with shorter build times as well.

      Palash Rambia
      Student Instructor, DY Patil CoE
    • Moreficent is a very good platform for students who want to run Android Studio but have low end laptops. Currently, I am using a laptop with an Intel i3 processor and it was very frustrating to learn and teach Android development. I am able to use the same laptop to run Android Studio thanks to Moreficent, with shorter build times and a better experience overall. For students, starting their Android development journey, Moreficent is a great platform to have.

      Abhishek Barkade
      Udemy Instructor
    • I used Moreficent as part of my technical workshop on 'Build best packages and plugins in Flutter' at DevFest Chennai. This workshop included coding sessions on Flutter, Android, and iOS which will include flutter, android, and Xcode platforms and SDKs. The workshop was almost 2 hours long and 32 attendees joined the session, were allocated 6 cores and 12 GB of RAM, and coded along with me. They were happy to see first-hand how Moreficent compared to their local device and faced no issues while following my session. I look forward to conducting more sessions around Flutter and Android development using Moreficent in the future!

      Vivek Yadav
      Google Developer Expert, Flutter; SDE, Zest Money

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Everyone gets 300 minutes of free usage to qualify Moreficent for their use case. Student discounts are available.


Run on our servers. Ideal for individuals and small teams.


  • Develop on 8 Cores and 16 GB RAM
  • 25 GB free storage, ₹10/GB subsequently
  • 15 minute inactivity timeout
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Power User

Run on our servers. Ideal for medium sized teams with custom tooling.


  • Develop on 8 cores and 16 GB RAM
  • 50 GB free storage, ₹10/GB subsequently
  • 60 minute inactivity timeout
  • Admin dashboard
  • Custom environments
  • Share environments and data across your team
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Run on your own (cloud) infrastructure. Ideal for large teams.


  • All major public clouds are supported
  • On premises servers, with a static IP, are also supported
  • Customize authentication, hardware allocation, timeouts and feature access
  • Admin dashboard
  • Custom environments
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Frequently asked questions

Hop into our Discord Server if you have additional questions.

    • Which browsers are supported?

      We support the latest version of Chrome.

    • Does copy-paste work?

      Yes, we automatically sync your local clipboard to the remote one.

    • What happens to my data when I terminate a session?

      All users have a private disk. Your data is persisted across sessions.

    • What is the minimum internet speed required?

      We recommend a connection with a speed exceeding 8 Mbps, but with manual tuning, you can use it upto 1 Mbps.

    • Will my plugins continue to work?

      Yes, all plugins are supported.

    • What happens if the internet disconnects? Or if I accidentally close the tab?

      The session is kept alive for a few minutes, and you may rejoin. The session is gracefully terminated if you don't reconnect within the grace period.

    • How do I view my files?

      We have a built in file browser that you can use to navigate your home folder. Additionally, you can use it to upload, download, compress, extract and delete data.